Sharlet Slough, DO                                                     Matthew Gillespie, DDS


Benefits to the Employee:

• See the same physician and dentist
• Offices available by phone 24/7
• Unlimited visits
• Same day urgent visits
• No copays
• Wholesale labs
• Access to diagnostic tests at reduced rates
All These Benefits
for Only $138 / Month
Benefits to the Employer:
• Attract the best employees
• Worker retention
• Fewer employee missed days
• Fewer ER visits and hospital stays
• 80% of employee’s health needs can be addressed
• Reduced Worker’s Comp claims
• Employees feel appreciated and cared for
• Happier and healthier workforce
Direct Care is a Better Approach


As fellow small business owners, Dr. Gillespie and Dr. Slough understand the balance of taking care of your employees while maintaining a healthy budget. They provide direct care to companies via affordable monthly subscription paid by employer and/or employee. This new approach removes the role of traditional insurance and enhances the relationship between the patient and physician and dentist. It decreases the cost and paperwork of traditional medicine and increases the care and quality that your employees deserve.
Direct Primary Care provided by Dr. Slough means she sees fewer patients so that she can treat employees when they need her. She keeps time open for them so they can get advanced care and get back to work sooner. 
Direct Dental Care provided by Dr. Gillespie offers your employees healthy smiles while 
preserving more of their natural teeth using innovative,
minimally invasive biometric dentistry