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Bad Breath Treated at Azalea Dental Care
Bad breath can have a number of causes. Food that collects between your teeth can harden into tarter and serve as a reservoir for odor causing bacteria. This tarter can be impossible to remove with a tooth brush and floss alone, and has to be removed by a dental professional at a dental hygiene cleaning. If you think you have bad breath caused by tarter ask Dr. Herod or Dr. Gillespie at your next dental cleaning appointment what you can do to prevent halitosis.
Intra-oral Pictures
Here at Azalea Dental Care we are pleased to offer the latest in dental technology to our patients, including intra-oral pictures. As part of your dental exam, we will show you pictures of your teeth under magnification. Then if Dr. Herod or Dr. Gillespie diagnosis’s any treatment, they will show you what is going on with your teeth and explain what will be needed.
Children's Dental Exams - When Should you Start?
At Azalea Dental Care, we recommend to get your child’s teeth looked at as early as 6 months. Even though they may not have all of their baby teeth in, it prepares your child to be seen by a dental professional.
Root Canals at Azalea Dental Care
Generally speaking root canal treatment is needed when a large amount of decay has entered into the nerve of the tooth. The tooth will then become very sensitive to cold drinks, biting pressure, and begin to throb or ache. You also may notice that the tooth will stop hurting all together, which does not mean the problem has gone away. In fact, in that case it could mean the tooth has died which will result in infection in the near future. If you notice any of these symptoms in your teeth, get them checked out immediately at Azalea Dental Care to avoid any serious infection.
How to treat tooth pain at Azalea Dental Care
Everyone reacts to tooth pain differently.  Some people feel extreme pain when only small cavities are present, while some experience only minimal discomfort when half of their tooth has been eaten away from decay.  To know exactly what treatment you need x-rays have to be taken, and exam done by a dentist. Call Azalea Dental Care today to get your exam from Dr. Herod or Dr. Gillespie
Tooth Trauma: What to do about it
Many issues associated with tooth trauma can be avoided by wearing an athletic mouth guard. If you happen to loose your tooth, the best thing to do is clean it off (do not scrub the tooth) and reposition it back to place if you can’t get immediate dental care. Then hold the tooth in the socket while you make arrangements to have a dental professional to fix it in place. You can also place the tooth in cold saline solution until you can reach a dental professional to get it restored properly. The teeth that receive trauma of this nature often will need follow up treatment, so make sure you have Dr. Herod and Dr. Gillespie x-ray these teeth periodically at your dental hygiene appointments to make sure their is no signs of infection.
Tooth Whitening (Bleaching) at Azalea Dental Care
The active ingredient in tooth whitening preparations is hydrogen peroxide. These concentrations can range from 8% to 35%+. The main advantage to using hydrogen peroxide concentrations greater than 20% is decreased whitening time. The biggest disadvantage of high hydrogen peroxide concentrations is enamel weakening and post operative sensitivity, especially if you choose not to supplement with additional fluoride treatments. Check with Dr. Herod or Dr. Gillespie to see what whitening treatments are best for you.
Denture and Partials at Azalea Dental Care
If you have a denture or partial and notice that it has become loose, it may need to be relined. The typical lab reline is done in 2 appointments. The first appointment is an impression taken inside the denture, which is then sent to the lab to add acrylic inside the denture which will fill in the voids that make your denture feel loose. It is also recommended to replace your dentures every 5-7 years. Replacing ill-fitting dentures avoids excess jaw bone loss. Make an appointment today to get your dentures evaluated for replacement at Azalea Dental Care.
Are your teeth cracked? Get treated at Azalea Dental Care.
Teeth that have cracks can be sensitive to biting pressure, and noticeably more sensitivity to cold than the rest of your teeth. Often times the pain originating from the crack will manifested itself as pain after you release your jaw. Individuals that grind their teeth tend to have more instances of cracks in their teeth. The only way to save a tooth with a crack that is symptomatic is by treating with a crown. The crown holds the tooth together from all four sides and therefore equally distributes the biting pressure all around the tooth, instead of allowing it to be focused on one particular point. Sometimes if allowed to progress these cracks can cause the tooth to need a root canal or worse extraction, so make an appointment today at Azalea Dental Care if you have not had your teeth looked at in 6 months or more.