Immediate Dentures

Immediate Dentures are a great alternative to dentures that most patients are familiar with. Prior to your teeth being extracted, your dentures will be fabricated. During one visit, your teeth will be extracted and your dentures will be placed. The result is that you won't ever need to leave the office without a smile!


How to Get Used to Your Dentures
While they look and feel like your natural teeth, it could take some time to properly adjust to your dentures, both using them and having them comfortably settle in place. These following notes are normal to experience once your dentures are properly placed:


• A feeling of fullness in the mouth, face, lips, and/or cheeks, which will subside quickly
• Temporary minor changes in speech sounds, which will be more apparant to you than to others

• Changes in chewing patterns while getting used to the jaw movements required for chewing with dentures, which may take several weeks


Dr. Gillespie will provide you with thorough care instructions and tips on how to quickly adjust to your dentures so you can go back to smiling freely. Call (903) 593-6585 to schedule your consultation at Azalea Dental Care for our immediate dentures and see how you can have a full, healthy, and happy smile.